We Heard it Direct, But Did We Listen?


On Monday I attended the Southern California Hear It Direct conference. I’ve had a couple days to digest the experience and talk with some of my good friends and colleagues that were in attendance. To be fair, I still am trying to isolate my own big takeaways from the day, but I will say that [...]

I’m Going Back to Cali

Hear It Direct

I hear you asking, “What?  Really?  You just left.”  True.  But, I’m coming back. On October 1st, Hear it Direct makes it’s Orange County debut.  How could I miss it in my old neck of the woods? If you’ve never heard about Hear it Direct, it’s time to get acquainted with this unique conference.  Most [...]

On the Road Again – I’m Moving to Texas

Moving to The Woodlands

Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’ used to be my family’s theme song.  We moved so often that by the time I hit the 8th grade, I’d attended six schools.  It’s been a good long while since the tune has been appropriate, but this month that changes. After much consideration over the last year, and [...]

HARP 2.0 Makes Refinance Possible for OC Homeowners

Upside down home in Orange County

Orange County’s real estate bust was certainly one of the worst in the country, and because of that, many homeowners have faced real challenges when evaluating the mortgage on their home.   Underwater homeowners wistfully listen to radio ads boasting refinances with ‘record low interest rates’, knowing that taking advantage of those rates in a [...]

Double Double Anyone? In-N-Out Coming to RSM


For the Rancho Santa Margarita residents that have been driving to Laguna Hills or Foothill Ranch for that In-N-Out fix, you’ll soon be able to save that gas money and stick around your own stomping grounds.   After two years of discussions,  according to the Orange County Register, today the Planning Commission gave the green [...]

Mello Roos Is Not Tax Deductible – But That May Change

Mello Roos Taxes Orange County

Have you been writing off your entire property tax bill?  Well, if you are a homeowner in Orange County, you are not alone by any stretch.  Those shopping for Orange County real estate are faced with the added tax burden of Mello Roos for most homes sold after 1986.  Mello Roos bonds were created to [...]

That’s My Listing!

10 Kingfisher

I’ve been listening to the conversations about syndication for months.   What began as quiet rumblings, have now become giant roars as Abbott Realty Group pulled the plug on syndication of their listings to the 3 major real estate sites, only a few months behind Edina Realty.  I find it particularly interesting that a relatively [...]

It’s a Great Time to Buy…No Really, It Is


I know you are cringing…a real estate agent suggesting that it’s a great time to buy.  But maybe the time has come in Orange County to buy a home or invest in real estate.  Sadly,  after the unfortunate ad campaigns from the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) over the last few years, a Realtor touting [...]

C.A.R.’s Open Letter on Short Sales – No Surprises and No Solutions

CAR short sale letter in the newspapers

Today the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) published a full page open letter advertisement in seven of the state’s most widely circulated newspapers to address the short sale crisis faced by homeowners throughout the nation and in the state.  The letter can be found on the C.A.R. site, although it’s not  the exact version as [...]

C.A.R. Attempts To Improve the Short Sale Nightmare

house short sale

I received an interesting email today from the President of the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.), Beth Peerce.    It was to notify C.A.R. members of an initiative that they will be launching tomorrow in an attempt to ‘improve the short sale process’.  The email in its entirety is as follows: March 9, 2011 Dear Linsey, [...]