Mello Roos Is Not Tax Deductible – But That May Change

Mello Roos Taxes Orange County

Have you been writing off your entire property tax bill?  Well, if you are a homeowner in Orange County, you are not alone by any stretch.  Those shopping for Orange County real estate are faced with the added tax burden of Mello Roos for most homes sold after 1986.  Mello Roos bonds were created to [...]

10 Things You Should Know if You Are Moving to Orange County

Rancho Santa Margarita Lake

Skip the Weather Forecast – It’s 70 and Sunny:  No disrespect to the local weather forecasters, but we don’t rely on them for much.  If they predicted 70-something for temperatures year round, they’d be right (or close to it) most of the year.  For many folks, this is the ideal and is one of the [...]