Make Home Searching Easy on Your Smart Mobile Device

GPS Search

The ways the our clients are searching for homes continues to evolve.  Not only are the online resources expanding and improving, they are becoming increasingly mobile.  As of the beginning of this year, 42% of the U.S used a smart phone, and this number is consistently growing. Make Your Home Search Easier and Mobile Whether [...]

10 Things You Should Know if You Are Moving to Orange County

Rancho Santa Margarita Lake

Skip the Weather Forecast – It’s 70 and Sunny:  No disrespect to the local weather forecasters, but we don’t rely on them for much.  If they predicted 70-something for temperatures year round, they’d be right (or close to it) most of the year.  For many folks, this is the ideal and is one of the [...]

OC Buyer Tip – Be Cautious About Loan Contingency Removal


There is a very critical element to the California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) that every buyer must understand when initiating the purchase of a home in Orange County. The act of removing ‘contingencies’ exposes your deposit to risk if you are unable, or unwilling to move forward with your purchase of a home. There are [...]

“If You Find a ‘Good Deal’ – We’ll Use You”

Good Deal

Every now and then, I have a well meaning prospective buyer say to me, “I’m already working with an agent, but if you find a good deal, let me know and I’ll use you.”  Sometimes it’s someone I meet at a social event or someone that inquires from my blog. I think the buyer’s mentality [...]

Microscope on the Market – Wagon Wheel

Under $500,000

Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel is small community in Trabuco Canyon located off Oso Parkway not far from the south gate of Coto de Caza.  The homes were built in the mid 90′s by Kaufman & Broad who subsidized the original mello roos bonds making it known in part, for it’s very reasonable tax rate. Homes [...]

The Numbers Are Telling You a Story

One of the things that I constantly talk about on OC Voice, is the need to be an educated buyer or seller.  My goal is always to provide information that helps to educate my readers about what trends we are seeing – without putting you to sleep.  Heck – I still want you to keep [...]

Microscope on the Market – Rancho Santa Margarita

Microscope on the Market

When you are looking to buy a home in Orange County, or anywhere else for that matter, it is critical to drill down into the numbers for the sector of the market that you are looking at.  Orange County numbers are wonderful benchmarks to know, but our market is made up also of submarkets within [...]

2008 Housing Review and 2009 Predictions

Steven Thomas, President of Altera Real Estate recently released his latest Orange County Housing Report and it is definitely worth taking the time to review if you are curious about how the 2008 housing market finished and the possible outlook for 2009. It’s a very comprehensive summary. I would encourage you to review the charts [...]

Loan Modifications May Not Be the Answer

Back to Square One signpost

This may not be the most politically correct piece that I’ll write but that’s never been my goal here on OC Voice.  So here goes…. One of my clients sent me a link to an article published online on CNBC about ‘Mortgage Re-Defaults Rising with No Sign of Slowing’.  The article states that, “…after 6 [...]

It’s a Buyer’s Market – Or Is It?

I did some research for a client tonight and the findings are important to share with readers here.  If you are a serious buyer or seller, this information is telling.  Please stick with the tedium of the stats because the story it tells is meaningful. This particular buyer is looking in Mission Viejo between $450,000 [...]