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I launched this blog in May of 2008 in an effort to bring information to present and future clients that was the truest representation of what I could provide about the Orange County real estate market.   The constant drone of the Realtor community – “It’s a great time to buy” was making me feel a disconnect with my colleagues.  In early 2007, it was a tough market to sell a home and buying made sense for a handful of clients.  This became a place for me to share information about locations and internal markets within South Orange County specifically.

In the Beginning

When one launches a blog such as this, you go into it knowing that what you write initially falls on deaf ears.  I didn’t mind really.  I love the writing, I love the authenticity of it, and I love the platform.  Information about the vast changes in real estate to share with readers was easy to come by….and over time readership grew.

So What Happened?

The last three months have posed challenges and sadly, I let the distractions get in the way of my beloved blog.  I admit that I abandoned my blog as of late.  With a friend’s passing, an increase in very active buyers, and summer with my kids, I let it get the better of me.

When someone first starts a blog, the hardest part is starting.  It’s the momentum that keeps you engaged once it begins.  I have found that starting up again is just as hard.  But today is the day!

So Welcome Back!

For my readers (if you’re still there) and for those just coming on board, I’m back in the saddle again.  Back to the stuff that connected us before, back to the OC real estate voice.  Thanks for continuing to come back.

I’m in the process of selecting a new header for my blog.  I would love the feedback of my friends and readers





I’d love your preference of the 3 and any feedback!  Thanks guys!

There is something wonderful about living somewhere that is walking distance to everything.  In Orange County, it’s a not particularly common.  During my brief couple years of living in San Francisco my husband and I would park our car Friday night and not move it until Monday morning.  We walked to restaurants, movies, dry cleaner – everything.  And I enjoyed my high school and college years in Ashland, Oregon where everything was just a short walk.  It definitely gives you a greater sense of community - a neighborhood.

There is a relatively new site that can assist buyers in ‘finding a walkable neighborhood’.  The site is  It will score an address from 1 to 100 on the walkablility to restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment, schools, libraries, etc. 

I recently put in the address of my newest listing, 35 Paseo Simpatico.  The Walk Score was 86 out of 100!  That may be one of the highest I’ve seen yet.  This home is close to the Library, shopping, restaurants, parks, grocery stores, movies…..My house on the other hand, typical suburban home in Las Flores, had a Walk Score of 8 out of 100.  Has me missing Ashland just a bit……somebody will luck out on 35 Paseo Simpatico!

Updated July 17th:  Someone just shared with me  This provides a score of accessibility of a property.  35 Paseo Simpatio scored 88……My own home scored 82 out of 100.  Clearly Paseo Simpatico is much closer to everything so I’m not sure the score is as valuable as the Walk Score, but my ego was soothed just a bit.  For what it’s worth…

I’ve spent weeks researching blogs – how to start one, which ones do I find compelling, etc.  I’m finally, enthusiastically, launching my own. I know these first few (or more) entries fall on deaf ears, yet I really think that there is an opportunity to share something that is unique about the real estate market in Orange County – even with the abundance of information that is out there.

My belief is that the real estate industry is changing, and I don’t just mean the values. In the age of information, I have noticed that my clients have changed over the years. Buyers don’t just crave a key into available listings and Sellers want more than their home in the MLS.

With all the information accessible to my clients, there is still something more that they look for when they come to me. I hope to provide some of those insights on this blog. I also hope to share my journey in real estate to my readers that are as passionate and curious about this wonderful and fascinating industry as I am.

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