San Clemente

San Clemente, located at the southern tip of Orange County, shares a border with Capistrano Beach and San Juan Capistrano to the north and west. Camp Pendleton and Trestles are to the south. Access to San Clemente is via I-5. A proposed toll road through San Clemente had been a hotly debated issue in recent years, and was recently rejected by The California Coastal Commission. San Clemente is also accessible by Metrolink train which has two stations in the city.

San Clemente weather doesn’t vary too much throughout out the year. Summer days tend to be in the mid 70s, while winters average out to the mid 60s. There are many ways to take advantage of San Clemente’s mild climate and locals enjoy various city amenities. There are 17 San Clemente parks, including Leslie park which offers stunning ocean views, and Max Berg park, which houses a lush rose garden. Additionally, San Clemente has a pubic pool, miles of sandy beaches, and a 2.3 mile coastal trail which connects North Beach to Calafia Beach.

Surfing is a huge part of the San Clemente lifestyle. It was even named in the top five surf towns in the country in 2009 by Surfer Magazine. Locals can be very protective of their favorite, secret spot, but Trestles, Dohney and San Onofre are some of the more popular San Clemente beaches, frequented by tourists and locals alike. To celebrate all that the sport has brought to the community, San Clemente Surf Culture Days are held annually in the summer. The highlight of this event is The Masters of Shaping exhibit. Boards created by world-renowned shapers are put on display and auctioned off during festival.

 Before it was ever known for it surfing, San Clemente’s original developer had a vision for a “Spanish village by the sea.” In attempt to create that vision he wrote into the original property deeds that all buildings would be submitted to a board of review, he hoped this would ensure his original vision carried on across the years.  Word quick spread about the beautiful new town when President Richard Nixon purchased a home in the area. The estate became known as “The Western White House,” Evidence of this original influence can still be seen throughout the city today, and residents have worked hard to maintain many historical buildings.

San Clemente real estate has everything to offer from condos to ocean-front estates with breathtaking Pacific views. While older homes are custom designed, one area of San Clemente, Talega, is a large-scale tract housing project that also includes several 55+ communities. The Talega neighborhoods are managed by the Talega Lifestyle Corporation which keeps residents informed via their website (

San Clemente residents are served by the Capistrano Unified School district and several of their schools are known for outstanding programs such as the wide variety of advanced placement courses at San Clemente High School and the Las Palmas Elementary School dual immersion language program.