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I love variations in weather and believe it or not, 75 degrees and sunny, day-in-and-day-out bores me.  But Santa Ana winds are never a welcome sight.

Windy Day

Last night, my youngest woke with a fever.  We knew she had come down with something yesterday during the Charger/Steeler game (yeah Steelers! – but that’s another post), but last night she awoke with nearly a 103 degree fever.   Poor thing.  It’s awful to be sick like that, and to hear that wind howling with such force was scary.  We were all up for a while listening to those winds.

What are Santa Ana Winds?  We usually experience them in Orange County from October to March.  Some folks believe they’re due to desert heat, but in actuality it’s the converse.  It’s due to cold temperatures in the desert – thus the fall, winter season.

It’s an odd thing.  They are usually warm, even hot, and very dry.  It sounds as if it will be freezing outside and I had to explain to my 10 year old that his thick jacket would be wasted on a day like this.  He refused to believe me until he stepped out into the hot wind.

We are always leary of the risks posed by the Santa Ana winds – potted plants overturned, falling trees, and the worst – fires.  The impact of these winds can be felt from Los Angeles, through Orange County, and down to San Diego.  The first Santa Ana Wind can be an odd, even unnerving experience, for someone moving into the area.

Today, my daughter stayed home.  I’m monitoring her fever and listening to the howling wind – waiting for both to subside.

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