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C.A.R.’s Open Letter on Short Sales – No Surprises and No Solutions

Today the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) published a full page open letter advertisement in seven of the state’s most widely circulated newspapers to address the short sale crisis faced by homeowners throughout the nation and in the state.  The letter can be found on the C.A.R. site, although it’s not  the exact version as [...]

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C.A.R. Attempts To Improve the Short Sale Nightmare

I received an interesting email today from the President of the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.), Beth Peerce.    It was to notify C.A.R. members of an initiative that they will be launching tomorrow in an attempt to ‘improve the short sale process’.  The email in its entirety is as follows: March 9, 2011 Dear Linsey, [...]

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly in South Orange County Real Estate

Over the course of the last several months, I’ve become really interested in the way this housing market has impacted individual neighborhoods in South Orange County.  It’s become clear that the makeup of a neighborhood, the strength of the buyers from the last decade, the age of the community, the local amenities, it’s overall stage [...]

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Goodbye Formal Living Room, Today’s Orange County New Home

New home construction has begun again in Orange County.  But there are some significant differences from the standpoint of the developers, as well as the product that is being offered, and who is actually working with the home buyer.  Few things are as they were during the construction boom of the early 2000′s. Who Is [...]

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Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Short’ Short Sale? Yes…If You Have the Right Lender

One of the great oxymorons of the real estate industry is the Short Sale, which has become famous for being anything but short. I’ve been promised 60 days only to have it become 5 months. I’ve had a bank tell me it would likely take 6 months, only to have it take a year. I [...]

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Microscope on the Market – Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel is small community in Trabuco Canyon located off Oso Parkway not far from the south gate of Coto de Caza.  The homes were built in the mid 90′s by Kaufman & Broad who subsidized the original mello roos bonds making it known in part, for it’s very reasonable tax rate. Homes [...]

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Microscope on the Market – Laguna Niguel

So many of the media numbers focus on Orange County performance, but real estate performance can vary dramatically within our large county, and particularly at various price points. Today’s Microscope on the Market focuses on the Laguna Niguel real estate market. Homes Under $500,000 # of Sales Short Sales Bank Owned Equity Sellers Active 119 [...]

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Microscope On Mission Viejo

Today the microscope is on Mission Viejo. So many of the media numbers focus on Orange County performance, but real estate performance can vary dramatically within our large county and particularly at various price points. I’m going to spend the next several posts breaking down each of the South Orange County cities to give you [...]

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It’s a Buyer’s Market – Or Is It?

I did some research for a client tonight and the findings are important to share with readers here.  If you are a serious buyer or seller, this information is telling.  Please stick with the tedium of the stats because the story it tells is meaningful. This particular buyer is looking in Mission Viejo between $450,000 [...]

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Further Evidence of the Short Sale Debacle

I had this conversation on Twitter today and had to share it as further evidence of the common problems we see in the marketplace when it comes to the handling of Short Sales.  In case you are not familiar with Twitter, it’s a social media and micro-blogging platform. The banks aren’t improving things for the [...]

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