It’s a Great Time to Buy…No Really, It Is


I know you are cringing…a real estate agent suggesting that it’s a great time to buy.  But maybe the time has come in Orange County to buy a home or invest in real estate.  Sadly,  after the unfortunate ad campaigns from the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) over the last few years, a Realtor touting… [Continue Reading]

C.A.R.’s Open Letter on Short Sales – No Surprises and No Solutions

CAR short sale letter in the newspapers

Today the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) published a full page open letter advertisement in seven of the state’s most widely circulated newspapers to address the short sale crisis faced by homeowners throughout the nation and in the state.  The letter can be found on the C.A.R. site, although it’s not  the exact version as… [Continue Reading]

C.A.R. Attempts To Improve the Short Sale Nightmare

house short sale

I received an interesting email today from the President of the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.), Beth Peerce.    It was to notify C.A.R. members of an initiative that they will be launching tomorrow in an attempt to ‘improve the short sale process’.  The email in its entirety is as follows: March 9, 2011 Dear Linsey,… [Continue Reading]

Are Foreclosed Homes the Best Deal?

Good Deal

With buyers on the lookout for that coveted ‘good deal’, I wanted to dig into the numbers in South Orange County to see what they would reveal.  Last week I wrote a post about Orange County foreclosures after watching Good Morning America tout the great savings a buyer can achieve when buying a foreclosed, or… [Continue Reading]

Foreclosure Reality Check


This morning I watched a piece on Good Morning America (can be viewed at the bottom of this post) about the nation’s foreclosure crisis and the potential savings a buyer can achieve by buying a Bank Owned property. Some of it I found a bit misleading or simply not applicable in our South Orange County… [Continue Reading]

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly in South Orange County Real Estate


Over the course of the last several months, I’ve become really interested in the way this housing market has impacted individual neighborhoods in South Orange County.  It’s become clear that the makeup of a neighborhood, the strength of the buyers from the last decade, the age of the community, the local amenities, it’s overall stage… [Continue Reading]

The New Housing Policy – Will It Repair the Housing Market?

Oklahoma Land Rush

Recently a friend and colleague, Robert Hahn, encouraged the readers of his own blog to submit posts for his upcoming ‘Carnival of Housing Policy’, hoping to collect thoughtful discussion around the potential changes in housing policy. I’ve been somewhat reluctant to participate so I’ll start with this disclosure:  Until recently, I have followed politics superficially… [Continue Reading]

Goodbye Formal Living Room, Today’s Orange County New Home

Home Construction

New home construction has begun again in Orange County.  But there are some significant differences from the standpoint of the developers, as well as the product that is being offered, and who is actually working with the home buyer.  Few things are as they were during the construction boom of the early 2000′s. Who Is… [Continue Reading]

Robinson Ranch – Low Taxes and Magnificent Views

Entrance at Robinson Ranch

Robinson Ranch is a unique community, just Northeast of Rancho Santa Margarita.  It’s technically in the Trabuco Canyon zip code and is one of the gems of South Orange County.  Few neighborhoods afford the views found in Robinson Ranch.  Friends know that I think one of the great gifts of South Orange County is Saddleback… [Continue Reading]

Make Home Searching Easy on Your Smart Mobile Device

GPS Search

The ways the our clients are searching for homes continues to evolve.  Not only are the online resources expanding and improving, they are becoming increasingly mobile.  As of the beginning of this year, 42% of the U.S used a smart phone, and this number is consistently growing. Make Your Home Search Easier and Mobile Whether… [Continue Reading]